Peer Gallery Stepping Out

Peer Gallery of Contemporary Art brings Lunenburg to Halifax with the exhibition ‘On and Off the Wall’  

The members of Peer Gallery of Contemporary Art in Lunenburg had mounted an exhibition September 8, 2018 at the Chase Gallery, Nova Scotia Public Archives, 6016 University Avenue Halifax .  



The exhibit entitled “Peer Gallery:  On and Off the Wall”  featured selections of 2 and 3 dimensional work from the 15 current members of the gallery while telling the astonishing story of this co-operative gallery now in its 17th season and of the arts hub that is the gallery’s home town of Lunenburg.


The Power of Cooperation:

Members cite the collegial, supportive nature of this registered co-operative organization as being central to their practice.  Without the pressure of sales to support the gallery, members are free to explore and experiment and the result is a constant emergence of new ideas and expressions.  Of course sales are also important to artists but by sharing the costs of the gallery equally – sales become secondary to the opportunity for showing and sharing with peers and the public. 

Having Brought Lunenburg to Halifax and having Brought Halifax to Lunenburg:

This exhibition tells the story of the cooperative model as it explores the work of each of these accomplished professional artists.  Although many of the members exhibit at other venues throughout Canada and the US, the gallery in Lunenburg is their home.   This was the first time the members of the gallery had mounted exhibition together in Halifax.   As part of the exhibition the gallery had a display area dedicated to the Arts and Culture of Lunenburg featuring the Lunenburg Art Map, Lunenburg School of the Arts, LAMP and the Lunenburg Foundation for the Arts as well as other promotional materials highlighting Lunenburg as a cultural destination.