2019 Member Artists for Peer Gallery

Presently, Peer gallery co-operative has 14 Nova Scotia artists members.

Our membership, thru our 18 years as a gallery co-operative, has experienced changes of that membership.

As of now, Jane Whitten has moved to PEI. Bob Hainstock has decided to focus his energy in the Valley. We are sorry to see them go but nothing stays static.

However, we are excited to be adding two new members: Carol Morrow, a ceramics artist and Douglas Boutilier, a printmaker and painter.

Peer is looking forward to this recent addition that will add a further visual variety to our space.

The 2019 season members:

A Way Forward For Rural Art Galleries

The following information may provoke discussion about the multitude of problems-opportunities facing rural artists and rural art galleries in the next few decades, including possible solutions through co-operative actions of artists and community. This discussion paper was prepared in recognition of the 17th anniversary of Peer Gallery of Lunenburg, a thriving contemporary artist co-op that has withstood the roller-coaster forces of the past 17 years while more than 30 rural galleries have closed in that time. The Peer Gallery show, “On & Off The Wall” runs Sept. 8-27 at Chase Gallery, Public Archives Bldg., Halifax.

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